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IBANEZ AR 250 is my electric guitar.
Of course, I am a keyboard and synthesizer player, so I didn't have any knowledges about electric guitar. But I wanted to add guiter sound like my great favorite THE ENID guitarists, Francis Lickerish and Stephen Stewart, to my music.
So, one day I went to the guitar shop, having a portable music player. I played THE ENID music by it in a shop, and said "I want to play guitar like this !!" to a shopman. Then, he sellected this guitar for me.
I am a Prog Rock maniac, so this guitar's "not hard edged", round, warm and emotional sound is my favorite.
My skill of playing elecrtic guitar is still very poor, but electric guitar sound is "The Key" of my symphonic rock music.

ROLAND : Rhythm Composer TR-707
ROLAND Rhythm Composer TR-707 is very very old drum machine.
As ROLAND drum machine, previous model "TR-808" is very popular in music scene now. It has "not PCM" sound source, so there are many funs in the world. It is traded in much premired value in second hand shop.
But this "TR-707" is valueless now, because it has "full PCM" sound source. I cannot find the user of this model except me !!
I have been using this model for a long time because I cannot input my drum pattern data only by using it. All drum tracks of my music are made by this machine.
I think this machine's drum shot timing and accent are very natural, not mechanical. Is there any automatic quantize mechanism in it ??
But internal drum sound source is very old fashoned, so I transfer the MIDI data from TR-707 to Cubase. And PC controlls and sounds drum sound software.
It is very lovely old machine, I want to use it all my life.
ROLAND : Fantom-X6 Audio Track Expansion
ROLAND Fantom-X6 is keyboard used for my live performance.
It looks just a small size keyboard with 61 keys, but it's internal specification is very big !! It is a "BIG WORKSTATION" including Synthesizer, Sampling Machine, Digital Recorder, Sequencer, and Computer all in it.
About my Fantom-X, internal memoriy is expanded to 512MB, optional 4 sound cards are mounted, and 1GB memory card is set. Totally full memory size is 2GB.
I usually load the background tracks into the Audio Track in it, and sample analog synthesizer sounds into the Sampling Machine in it. And I play it in live concert instead of using real analog synthesizers.
So, because of these using style, this keyboard is manufactured by ROLAND, but it's sound is all KORG !! Funny ??

BEHRINGER : MDX2000 Composer (Upper)
SONY : DCT-A8 (Middle)
TASCAM : CD-RW900SL (Lower)
These equipments are for mastering and making CD.
In late 2014, I transfered my old analog recording environment into PC based one. So, these equipments above are useless now. But all of my past master tapes are DAT. So, These equipments remain in my studio.
KORG : MonoPoly (Upper)
KORG : Polysix (Lower)
My main Synthesizers. YES, they are Analog and Vintage !!
KORG Polysix is No.1 famous analog polyphonic synthsizer made in Japan. The strings and brass sound is so beautiful, that it cannot be compared with any others. It is my most favorite synthesizer in the world.
KORG MonoPoly is analog monophonic lead synthesizer. It mounts 4 VCO, so it's lead sound is very stout and powerful !! It is a match for Mini-Moog.
Both are converted to MIDI compatible.
HP : Windows PC
Finally, my recording PC environment.
I built this PC recording system in late 2014.
HP PC is mounted Corei7 CPU, 16GB RAM, and 1TB harddisk.
I installed this PC Steinberg Cubase PRO 8.5 for multitrack recording, Steinberg Wavelab 8.5 for masterring, and WAVE L316 multimaximaizer plugin.
Now I perform all of my recording process completely tapeless and cableless.
HAMMOND XM-1 is digital Hammond Organ module. Reverb effect and Leslie Speaker effect are simulated digitally. So,it sounds very real .
It can create my favorite PROCOL HARUM's Organ sound. Great !!
I like the setting that lowest 4 drawbars are drawn full !!
E-MU : Ultra Proteus X 2 (Upper)
AKAI : S-2800 (Middle)
KORG : M3R (Middle)
E-MU : ESI-4000 (Lower)
E-MU Ultra Proteus is PCM sound module. It's sound is generated from factory pre-sampled PCM source, but it was programmed and midified into "GOOD SOUND" as musical instrument. .And it has great presence in background ensenble, I like it !!
AKAI S-2800 is old sampling machine. I 'm using it yet, only because there are many old library data.
KORG M3R is PCM synthesizer module. I have been using it for a long time. It is very user friendly, so I use it mainly for composing and arranging. And not in this photo, it is controlled by KORG RE1 remote controller from my master keyboard.
E-MU ESI-4000 is old sampling machine made in USA. Because of many library data, I still use it. Especially, big choir sound is excellent !!
Under ESI-4000, there are many effects units. (Reverb, Deray,Chorus....and more)

ROLAND RD-600 is my master MIDI Keyboard in the studio..
I controll every sound modules by this keyboard. It's key touch is real Piano Action. Very good !!
DOEPFER A-100 is full analog patching modular synthesizer made in Germany.
All modules are indivisual. I can connect every modules by cables freely. Control Voltage and Sound Waves are handled equally in it. So, I can modfy every waves by patching modules, and put it into another module as control voltage.
Modular synthesizer make me free about sound making,. I think there are lots of sounds programmable by only modular synthesizer.
When I feel I need complexed sound in my music, I use it.
YAMAHA CS15 is analog monophonic synthsizer made in Japan.
It's sound is not strong, but rather thin, delicate and emotional.
Through the flanging effects unit, it's lead sound becomes very cool !!
FENDER : Chroma Polaris
FENDER Chroma Polaris is analog polyphonic synthesizer. It mounts VCO, VCF, and VCA. This synthesizer is very unique, every parameters can be controlled both to plus(+) direction, and to minus(-) direction. It is called "BY-POLA SYSTEM".
It's sound is rough and strong, suitable for brass sound.
Originally it was developed by ARP engineer, so it's sound tastes ARP's product. In mono-mode, portament ON, it sounds ARP synthesizer's lead playd by Tony Banks of GENESIS !! Great !!
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