11 tracks
(including 1 tune previously unreleased)
Total 62 minites
2nd album "Concerto"
2nd album "Concerto" Track List :

1. Symphonic Poem No.2 "The Great Planet"
2. Aria To The Fall (previously unreleased)
3. Mondo Candido (previously unreleased)
4. Treelined Walkway In Paris
5. Hymn To Life
6. Northen Lights
7. Noctune
8. Story Of The Moon And The Woods
9. An Affair To Remember (previously unreleased)

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1st album "Symphonia"
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1st album "Symphonia" Track List :

1. Land Of Recollection
2. Salut D'amour
3. Island Of The Sum
4. Tales From The Woods (previously unreleased)
5. Goodby The Planet Earth
6. The Rain - Rainbow
7. Symphonic Poem No.1 "Light From The Darkness Of My Soul"
8. Dreams
9. In Search Of The Lost Time
10. The Sea - Song Of Seagulls
11. Theme Of Separation

Title : 2nd album "Concerto"
@@@@1st album "Symphonia"
Artist : Cyber Galactic Orchestra

The 2010 remasterd edition of 1st album "Symphonia" and 2nd album "Concetro" are released from Japanese CD label "Music Team".
The Artist Name is not "YUTAKA TOMOBE", but "Cyber Galactic Orchestra" , it's my unit name.
The free download files of this site ware compressed into MP3, so sound quality is degraded. But these CD's sound is not compressed, it's Original Master Quality !!
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9 tracks
(including 3 tunes previously unreleased)
Total 57 minites
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