File Name  Koukyoushi.mp3
 MP3  44.1khz
 Variable Bitrate 18.3MB
 Running Time  9:29
This suite is the 2nd part of "Symphnic Poem" in 2007.
It's production theme is "THE ENID STYLE". How near can I approach and create music like my great favorite THE ENID ?? Yes, this suite is dedicated to THE ENID.
And in this suite the hard electric guitar is featured played by myself. As a result, the musical balance of Symphonic element and Heavy & Hard element has become my ideal, I think.
The musical theme is "The Journey To The Planets".I want to impress you the "Cosmic Image" by dramatic constraction of this suite.
This suite may be called a kind of "Establishment Of TOMOBE Sound".
File Name Daiwakusei.mp3
MP3 44.1khz
Variable Bitrate 12.6MB
Running Time 6:59
"Light From The Darkness Of My Soul"
Symphonic Poem No.1
Symphonic Poem No.2 "The Great Planet"
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I wrote this suite in 2000 and this year I performed it in live concert.
In about 10 minutes long, there are many scenery chages.
This suite is based on the following story.

1. From the Cosmos, one life fell on the earth.
2. The life was born as human being, grew, and lived a strong life.
3. After a long time, it got old and became weak, and at last as destiny, the time of death has come.
4. "The Last Judgement"
5. Eternal piece of heart has come, soon the life rose up highter and highter to the sky, following lots of faries.

So, this suite's theme is "Where we come??" and "Where we go??"
Why don't you think about "The Eternal Theme Of All Human Beings" with me ??.

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