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In "AfterSeven Concert 2009" on November 26,.2009, my live performance was recorded in very good quality, by the effort of excellent recording stuff, so I uploaded it here for your listening.
Two pieces ware performed, BACH "Harpsicord Concerto No.5 In F minor 2nd Movement LARGO", and my own composition "Theme Of Separation". Total Running Time is about 10 minutes long.
No overdubbing is added in stuio to the original master recording. and original master recording is in 24bit, 96khz high resolusion data. I converted and encoded it into MP3 directly.
So, this is "Real Live Sound". Please enjoy it, you are one of the audience here !!
Recorded Live in Toyosu-Bunka Center, Tokyo, Japan
on November 26, .2009
Set List :
1. "Harpsicord Concerto No.5 In F minor 2nd Movement LARGO"
music : J. S. BACH
2. "Theme Of Separation"
Parsonel : YUTAKA TOMOBE (Synthesizer)
Recording Data
File Name TomobeLive2009.mp3
MP3 44.1khz
Variable Bitrate 23.2MB
Running Time 11:32
Recorded Live in "AfterSeven Concert 2009"
"Largo" -                   "Theme Of Separation"
In this page, I select the music from lots of archived my live performance sources, and you can free download and enjoy it.
Please enjoy YUTAKA TOMOBE's live performance in concert at your home !!
Live In Concert !!